Maybe you're tired of all the potential side effects of conventional pharmaceuticals.


Maybe you've even ventured into the world of natural remedies and herbs. But there are thousands of herbs and millions of formulas. How do you know what's safe and effective?


You turn to trained herbologists like the Acupuncture Physicians at Jade Tree.


We source our herbal products exclusively from companies that meet GMP guidelines and have had their products independently tested to assure that they are free from heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, molds or other contaminants. Jade Tree Wellness Center offers a wide variety of herbal remedies in many forms, including freeze dried herbs, pills, topical treatments, and syrups. Custom formulas can be prescribed specifically for your unique conditions and situation. Your Acupuncture Physician will prescribe herbs to strengthen and support that which is deficient, and calm that which is excessive. Many acute and chronic conditions and internal disharmonies can benefit from herbal therapy.


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