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PTSD Doesn't Have to Be Traumatic


Like most Americans, I feel patriotic when I consider Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. I am grateful for our servicemen and women who have fought for our freedom, but I see the dangers they face too. I have a number of military clients. Some of them suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Although PTSD is most often associated with military personnel, it can happen to victims of crime, people in car accidents, people who faced a scary situation and others. Regardless of how you acquired the disorder, I am able to help you feel better with massage therapy.


It is believed that 70 percent of American adults have experienced a trauma severe enough to result in PTSD. Of those who have gone through such an event, about 8 percent of men, and 20 percent of women will go on to develop PTSD, which is a complex disorder. A person with PTSD is unable to “let go” of the traumatic episode, and they relive it again and again. They may have nightmares, difficulty sleeping, a feeling of detachment or distance, and chronic pain.


How Can I Help with Massage Therapy?

When we’re babies, we’re held and cuddled, and then we’re told not to touch this or that. Soon, touch is no longer a part of our lives. At Jade Tree Wellness Center, I use massage therapy as a safe and effective way of helping to lengthen, broaden, and release restrictions in the muscles and tissues. This lets old toxins leave the body and allows space for fresh cells to flow throughout the body.


Through my practice of CranioSacral therapy, I can hold space for an area that may have an energy cyst causing pain and discomfort. I can talk to parts of your body to see what it needs to feel whole and happy again. PTSD leads to a “Fight or Flight” response when the danger is no longer present. I can help the body regain balance through therapeutic massage by relaxing the muscles and whole body, which will encourage better sleep, and calms the “Fight or Flight” response.


Last month, I wrote in my blog about grounding. If you’re grounded, things seem to be less drastic and easier to manage. Although I can't cure your PTSD, I can help relieve your stress, some of your symptoms, and lack of balance. Massage therapy, talk therapy, yoga and many other modalities of holistic and natural healing have been effective in helping. Bringing balance back into your life can be the best thing for you.


Providing professional safety and support are a huge part of my practice. I am here for you. You can go online or call today to schedule your appointment. I look forward to helping you build a less stressful environment and calmer more relaxed tissues. Together, we can help you manage your PTSD so you are able to live more productive lives.


Are You Hurting from Playing Outdoor Games?


Every spring, I come in contact with people who need massage therapy because they overdo it. Many people who haven't been active for months suddenly play golf, baseball, softball, etc. Then, they find themselves in pain. I can relieve their pain with massage therapy, but a better alternative would be to begin the spring sports slowly. 


In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man begins to rust and can't move when it rains. When we don't exercise regularly, we become like the Tin Man who is rusted and can't move. Our muscles get rusty or stiff and need to be “re-lubricated.” Stretching every day can help your muscles stay lubricated and moving without becoming stiff. Also, many people start off their spring activities headstrong, but they should gradually get back into the swing of things.


Tips for Exercising


  • Centering yourself before all workouts and sports helps with endurance
  • Staying hydrated with water keeps joints and muscles lubricated
  • Start with low intensity in workouts or a small amount of weights to lift
  • Increase intensity and weights incrementally to prevent straining
  • Add length to your workout incrementally also; for example, start with 20 minutes and add  two minutes at a time


How Can I Help at Jade Tree Wellness Center?


I like to educate people on how to center or ground themselves. This is a good explanation of grounding and how to do it: http://www.groundology.co.uk/about-grounding. I also provide light passive stretches in most of my treatments. I can stretch your muscles more efficiently than you might be able to do yourself. I also listen to what your body is telling me you need. For example, if you’re right shoulder aches, you might have a problem somewhere else that is causing the pain. You also might be not in balance or alignment.


Of course, manipulating soft tissues in a massage can relax them and eliminate knots. Drinking plenty of water will flush out large amounts of lactic acid that is in your system. I help my clients understand how harmful lactic acid in your body can be and if you do not flush it out with water, it will find a new place to settle in your tissues. Most of my athletes come in weekly to achieve their best results and make their workouts produce even better results for them.


Besides massage therapy, I recommend that you eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and consider alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, essential oil therapy and cranio-sacral therapy.




            Hey folks, it’s Tiffiny again. Sorry it has taken me a while to get back with you. It seems as though I hear more and more people talking about fibromyalgia. It can affect anyone but hits women way more frequently than men, and more than likely it’s hurting someone you know. I’m here to tell you that there may not be a cure, but…THERE IS HELP!!! Over the years working as an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), I’ve seen the benefits of massage for those with this condition. For example, a woman comes to me stating that she has fibro, and she hurts all over all the time, especially in her joints. Can massage help me, she asks. I say of course. I work with her for a few months and guess what??? The pain and discomfort has lessened. Significantly. So I ask her, do you think that massage is the reason for these changes or have you changed something else in your daily routine? Since she started to see me, the massage relaxed her tissues enough to allow her to feel like stretching on her own. Between the stretching and my massage treatments, she’s feeling better. Success!!!

            Even research shows that gentle massage helps folks suffering from fibro. Massage relaxes the tissues and the brain and also improves blood circulation and helps lubricate the joints in the body. I’m the LMT who gives you homework, and part of that homework is stretching on your own or taking yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong classes to help keep everything flowing and going. Maintaining a proper diet and exercising on your own will help you, too.

            Just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I’m here for you either with massage or Craniosacral Therapy. If you find that you have symptoms of this condition or know someone who does, please try some weekly or bi-weekly massage to help keep it maintained and manageable.

            Thanks for reading. I’ll be back next month with some more wonderful information. Let me know if there’s something I can elaborate on more. Until then, have a blessed day and month.


Put the Heart Meridian in Balance Through Massage Therapy


Although you hear about breast cancer more frequently, the truth is that more women die from heart disease than breast cancer. According to the American Heart Association, 50 percent of women will have heart disease or stroke. Many heart-related issues stem from stress and being out of balance. These issues can be treated using massage therapy.


When most people think of massage therapy, they picture lying on a table in a fancy spa for the rich and famous, but therapeutic massage therapy takes place in a clinic or medical office because it provides medical treatment to ailments. Jade Tree Wellness Center is focused on treating the whole person with massage therapy as the conduit.


How Do I Get Out of Balance?


I’m Tiffiny C. Rudkin, licensed massage therapist with Jade Tree Wellness Center. In addition to Therapeutic Massage, I provide meridian rebalancing and chakra balancing to reduce stress in your heart and muscles. The balancing improves circulation and your overall health. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” It's a center of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses life-force energy.


The heart meridian is paired with the small intestine meridian. It reveals itself through the brightness in the eyes, rules the blood and vessels, and directs circulation. It starts at the heart, goes through the heart system, passes through the diaphragm to the small intestine which can affect digestion. The meridian runs toward the lung, down the arm and ends in the finger. You can send Green or Pink energy to the area (between your breasts at the sternum) to encourage better balance. Stones that can be used to rebalance the Heart Chakra are rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline, green jade, green calcite and aventurine quartz. 

When you are feeling shortness of breath, cold feeling in the chest and limbs, palpitations, cold sweat, an inability to speak, lung problems, breast cancer, memory failure, fatigue and restless sleep, you are experiencing the physical traits of being unbalanced. Other symptoms might include emotional issues, such as sadness, absence of laughter, depression, fear, anxiety, hysteria, erratic behavior, alternating between joy and melancholy, dullness, yearning for love, jealousy, and sorrow. An unbalanced chakra is unable to fulfill its energy contribution to the body. You could be facing anger, heart problems, rigidity or a lack of love, stemming from an emotional hurt or broken heart.

Through massage and CranioSacral therapy, I work on needed areas to bring serenity and balance. The massage relaxes your mind and body, which helps you release any issues that are causing you stress and your heart meridian to be out of sync. After the therapeutic massage and chakra rebalancing, the heart meridian becomes aligned, which brings emotional balance. A balanced chakra feels love and compassion without expectations from others. However, you shouldn't use therapeutic massage as replacement for visiting your doctor. The treatments complement other therapy.


What Should I Do?

If you think you need massage therapy, you should contact Jade Tree Wellness Center to make an appointment. I will evaluate you and your muscles to determine what is the best massage to fix your heart meridian. Call 727-344-8690 for an appointment today!


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